145 The Augury of Death part two

“No! Not again! If I’m going to play your games, whoever you are, it would be nice if you used a consistent set of rules!”

Throughout his years of traveling, righting wrongs and challenging injustices the Doctor has been…noticed.

Noticed by very powerful beings indeed.

And now, because of this The Doctor is alone, he’s lost the TARDIS, he’s lost Dara and if he’s not careful he’ll lose his lives.

To escape The Doctor must form an unthinkable alliance with one of his oldest enemies testing his ingenuity to its very limits to rescue Dara and recover his Time Ship.

Set squarely between The Doctor and his freedom are the spiny tails and ceremonial knives of a unit of bloodthirsty Kajiiri warriors – ruthless reptiles with the most unpleasant habits when it comes to predicting the future…

And if that were not enough The Doctor must come to terms with the shattering realisation that he himself has now become…a commodity.

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